What is the best way to birth?

Careful, this is a trick question!

The answer is: there isn’t one. We’re not interested in     telling anyone how to birth, and you shouldn’t be interested in anyone who     is. Our childbirth education classes explore several ways women choose to     birth babies. We teach you the facts about your body: how it’s all put     together and how it all comes out. We practice a     variety of exercises used in childbirth with a focus on listening to and honoring your own intuition and instincts as a woman, as a mother,     and as a parent. We believe these tools are vital whether you have planned     a home, hospital, or outer space birth. Learning how to gather information, trust yourself, and make informed     decisions is the key to happy, healthy pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting.


Our Childbirth Education Classes

  • Offer Real Evidence-Based Information
  • Are Non-biased & Non-Judgmental
  • Fun, Engaging, and Hands On
  • 6 week series + Weekend Intensive Available