Outside the Box

New series begins in July!

Thursday 10a - Older Baby (pre-walkers)
Thursday 11:30a - Younger Baby (pre-crawlers)

At OTB their overall goal is to teach YOU how to teach YOUR child! You are your child’s first and most effective teacher! You are the “Architect” of your child’s brain! With OTB, focus is placed on specialized exercises and activities that increase brain development during the critical periods and early stages of growth.

OTB groups include: Sensory stimulation, explanation of activities and developmental benefits, social interaction (child to child – child to parent/caregiver), social learning with peer groups, and attachment and bonding.

Exploration and discovery is OTB’s priority, first and foremost. Through this we accomplish the following:

  • Enhance child growth and development
  • Promote a positive social community
  • Create a learning experience to tier an outstanding model for learning
  • Bond child and parent in a healthy way that caters to the emotional needs of the child
  • Identify, respect, and acknowledge that all children learn differently – to be present and sensitive to all individual learning styles
  • Build and strengthen the confidence level of parents when interacting with their child

Our goals are to live an educated, healthy, environmentally friendly, goal-driven life, to enhance the lives of our children through ourselves and for the betterment of our community for years to come.

Our children are the future!

For more information on classes by age group and to register please visit the OTB website: www.otbee.com

We'd be happy to help you register in-store or over the phone!

Tips for registering online at home:
Select the blue "Class Schedule" button, then "Field Sessions" at the top, then select Tessa Nordquist from the "Instructors" drop-down menu on the top right. Select the appropriate class for your baby's age (older baby or younger baby). Feel free to call us with any questions!