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It is our vision to help foster a loving, joy filled environment, confident that we can assist in bringing your family balance, structure, guidance and harmony; to assist in mentoring your children in their earliest stages of development with empathy, love, and kindness.

Brandi Jordan


Brandi has been helping new families grow, adjust, and find balance for almost two decades.

Brandi is a Board Certified Lactation Consultant, Pediatric Sleep Specialist, Newborn Care Specialist and a Postpartum Doula. She holds a BA in Child Development and a Master's of Social Work from USC, where she is adjunct faculty lecturing in the area of infant mental health and culturally competent mental health care.

In 2009, she opened The Cradle Company, a pregnancy and postpartum resource center. Brandi's work as a consultant, parenting group leader, and in-home practitioner has led her to develop a unique philosophy of gentle parenting techniques that are a pragmatic, practical and healthy approach for the "whole" family. In 2018 Brandi founded the National Association of Birth Workers of Color.

Larayne is a professional speaker, healer, newborn care specialist, and postpartum doula who has worked with infants and newborns for over 20 years worldwide. As a postpartum doula, she specializes in working with newborns, preemies, infants, twins, triplets, and children with autism.  After starting her Doula business in San Diego, she took it overseas to Italy, and she is now providing postpartum doula care in the great Houston area, a place that she is proud to call home. Larayne helps create a calm environment for both the babies and parents alike, assisting the relationship to thrive between them.

As a speaker, she enjoys sharing what she has learned through her life experiences, covering topics like spirituality, babies’ ages and stages, overcoming abusive relationships, and entrepreneurship, among other topics. Formerly, Larayne has run social programs, including Jeans for Justice in San Diego, where she discussed bullying, sexual misconduct, and violence in schools to help students overcome trauma. Larayne also worked with Junior Habitude Warriors, where she helped inspire young people to grow as independent leaders, and she is a featured speaker on TedX Sugarland.

Larayne Glidewell

Placement Director, Texas

Elaine Kopinga

COO, Orange County + San Diego

Elaine has a truly novel approach to care, melding practices that have worked for women for centuries with modern, evidence-based research.

Specializing in sexual wellness, pelvic health, and postpartum care, Elaine has extensive experience working with women in all stages of life. As a nurse practitioner and certified nurse-midwife, she has worked in large teaching hospitals and boutique practices serving both high and low-risk populations.

During this time she completed hundreds of deliveries, giving her a deep understanding of the challenges facing women after childbirth. This drives Elaine’s ongoing focus on combining women’s health with postpartum care. Caring for this diverse patient population has also made Elaine highly attuned to addressing the changing needs of women throughout their lives, particularly with regard to women’s needs during the postpartum period.

Underlying Elaine’s diverse skill set is an unbridled passion for connecting with women through listening, teaching, and caring. She believes that true healing begins from the inside out and is honored to help women of all ages as they navigate their journey through motherhood.

Elaine is the mother of young twins and a toddler who always finds extra time in her day to ensure her patients and clients receive extraordinary care. Her husband is also aware that he often counts as child number four!!

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