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Dallas, Tx

It’s true that everything is bigger in Texas! 

Dallas, Texas in particular is one of the largest metropolitan areas in the southern United States. Not only do people love living here but Dallas also reigns as a major travel destination. A Mecca for business, an oasis for sports lovers, and one of the best State fairs in the country there isn’t much not to like about this city in the Lone Star State. 

Dallas Baby Care

With such a bustling metropolitan lifestyle, the families in Dallas have unique needs to be met. That’s where The Cradle Company shines. As a full-service pregnancy and postpartum resource center we curate and support the needs of each specific family. We have a unique philosophy of parenting that is pragmatic, practical, and healthy for the “whole” family. Let us partner to help your family experience the very best in family care services.

Your new affirmation:
I will take care of myself to take care of my child.

Our Services

Pediatric Sleep

We provide simple and caring sleep advice with parents’ and babies’ emotional and attachment needs in mind. Our helpful strategies will enable your child (and you) to get much needed rest.

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The Cradle Company offers an array of services for breastfeeding mothers in the comfort of your home or hospital room. Whether you are pregnant and looking for an introduction to this very normal (but not always easy) way to feed your baby or you are already breastfeeding and having challenges, The Cradle Company can help.

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Care Services

Thankfully there are many Postpartum Doulas and Newborn Care Specialists (also known as Baby Nurses) to choose from, but sometimes the choosing can be overwhelming with so many options and personalities to navigate.

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Newborn Care
Specialist Training

Get ready for an exciting three weeks of learning, sharing, and growth as you create a bigger vision for yourself in this exciting field.

Take this time to create your ultimate dream job, we’ve done it so we are 1000% sure that you can too. We are here to help and to mentor you

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Baby Care

Diapering, umbilical cord care, swaddling, bathing, soothing, and postpartum care for mom.

Serviced by a Postpartum Care Specialist who has completed training with The Cradle Company and has more than 2 years of experience working with new parents and newborns.

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