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Breastfeeding Problems?

The Cradle Company offers an array of services for breastfeeding mothers in the comfort of your home or hospital room. Whether you are pregnant and looking for an introduction to this very normal (but not always easy) way to feed your baby or you are already breastfeeding and having challenges, The Cradle Company can help. Make an appointment with our board-certified Lactation Consultant to get the support you need.
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Breastfeeding can be challenging.

Lactation help can be delivered by a number of people: your mom, your sister, your best friend… But the most up to date information and support will come from a Lactation Professional. You need a Lactation Consultant!

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You are not alone in this postpartum experience.

We offer support from Lactation Educator/Counselors and Lactation Consultants—while both professionals can help with common issues, some advanced issues are best addressed by a Consultant (IBCLC).

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Your cup size has nothing to do with your milk storage capacity.

Frequently asked questions

While many clients call on us to help with breastfeeding issues, we also aid in assessing tongue/lip ties, and other feeding-related issues. We often care for former nursing parents who may have weaned and need advice on breast care. We also consult with non-nursing families who may want information on alternative feeding sources and the best approach to bottle feeding.
During a lactation consult both baby and nursing parents are assessed. The consultant will do an intake to learn more about both patients and current issues or concerns. The baby is weighed and after a feeding assessment, the client is given advice and written instructions to address concerns, as well as any necessary follow up with us or other professionals that may be needed.
This acronym stands for an “International Board Certified Lactation Consultant” and is the gold standard for education and certification in the area of lactation. An IBCLC is a health care professional who specializes in the clinical management of breastfeeding.
This acronym stands for “Certified Lactation Counselor” and is also a healthcare provider recognized as an expert in the field of human lactation, and breastfeeding counseling. While most breastfeeding concerns can be handled by either professional complex clinical issues presenting in the nursing parent or baby would be best served by an IBCLC who has the clinical training and expertise to deal with those cases.

Get an appointment with our Lactation Consultant and get the support you need.

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