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Newborn Care Specialist Training


Welcome to your new career as professional Newborn Care

Get ready for an exciting three weeks of learning, sharing, and growth as you create a bigger vision for yourself in this exciting field.

Become a Newborn Care Specialists

During this course, you will be expected to complete weekly modules and quizzes by the end of each week. The quizzes are not punitive; they inform your instructors on any areas where you may need additional training to ensure you get the best out of your training.

We will culminate this training with a final exam that will be a recap on all that you have learned.

Take this time to create your ultimate dream job, we’ve done it so we are 1000% sure that you can too. We are here to help and to mentor you and can best address any questions if you email us at

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Course​ ​Description

This training will be online and includes six brilliant hours of training videos from your instructors.

Your weekly online curriculum contains videos, books, homework, and weekly quizzes to accelerate your learning of the basics of newborn care, child development, supporting mom through the postpartum period, how to support a healthy infant sleep schedule, how to offer breastfeeding support, and business tools.

After all modules are finished you will receive your certificate of completion of a 16 hour NCS course.

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Newborn Care Specialists


  • 6 hours of training videos
  • Weekly online curriculum
  • Certificate of completion of a 16 hour NCS course
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We hope that you share the same passion for newborns and their families as we do!
Brandi Jordan

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