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When hiring a postpartum caregiver, many couples don’t know where to begin

Thankfully there are many Postpartum Doulas and Newborn Care Specialists (also known as Baby Nurses) to choose from, but sometimes the choosing can be overwhelming with so many options and personalities to navigate.
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Finding the right fit for you and your family isn’t a task you need to take on alone

Understanding what Mom needs is something we pride ourselves in at The Cradle Company. No two moms are created equal, and no two caregivers are either. With over a decade of experience working with new moms, we think we can help you find the perfect fit.

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Our Standards of Care

The Cradle Company’s mission is to support families in a space free of judgment; to provide resources and evidence-based education that will enrich and empower relationships between parents and their children

It is our vision to help foster a loving, joy filled environment, assist in bringing families balance, structure, guidance and harmony, and pave the way in mentoring children in their earliest stages of development with empathy, love and kindness.

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We Empower Parents

It is essential that all members of our team agree to keep these ideals alive in interactions and practices with clients. We personally verify that our caregivers have the latest information about baby care, child development, and maternal wellness.

All our caregivers are CPR/First Aid certified and specifically trained to help and educate in the areas of diapering, cord care, bathing, reading baby’s cues, breastfeeding and establishing healthy sleep habits with infants.

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Postpartum Doula & Newborn Care Specialist

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Postpartum Doula & Newborn Care Specialist

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Frequently asked questions

We believe that nurturing and support of parents is great at any time, but most of our clients connect with caregivers during their pregnancy and in the three months after they bring home a new baby.
We are proud to say that we don’t serve a “typical family”. We have clients of varying socio-economic status, national origin, sexual orientation, and differing types of kinship and family dynamics. Though most of our clients use our services when their little one are 0-6 months of age.
A postpartum doula first and foremost is there to be an extra pair of hands. They also provide expert non-medical advice, essential baby care education, info related to safety precautions most important to new families, breastfeeding support, help with creating a routine for the family, and some even help to integrate siblings into the care of the new baby.

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