For most people going to work is just work but I happen to be one of the few who can say my work is my passion. I wake up loving what I do, I go to bed dreaming up ways to do it better. And every family I work with adds to my family.
— Brandi


Who We Are

Our mission is to support families in a community space free of judgment, to provide resources and evidence-based education that will enrich and empower relationships between parents and their children. 

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Our Store

Please come visit our beautiful retail boutique and apothecary located at 1359 N Hill Street, Pasadena, CA 91104. We carry a special selection of products and goodies for both mom and baby, including teas and tinctures for breastfeeding, cloth diapers, all natural, organic home care products and much more!

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Our Services

 We are a full service postpartum resource center. We offer lactation, sleep, and parenting consultations as well as birth doula and postpartum caregiver placement.

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Upcoming Events

Teach Your Baby Sign Language with Sprouting Signs - New Series beginning June 21

Here every second Tuesday of the month starting July 12, 10a-4p

Diaper Class - Friday, June 24 @11a FREE

Whether you are interested in cloth diapering or just wanted to learn more about your paper diaper options, Sandy will teach you all there is to know about diapering your baby!

Infant Massage Workshop - Saturday, July 30 @ 1:30p

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