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For most people going to work is just work but I happen to be one of the few who can say my work is my passion. I wake up loving what I do, I go to bed dreaming up ways to do it better. And every family I work with adds to my family.
— Brandi


Who We Are

Our mission is to support families in a community space free of judgment, to provide resources and evidence-based education that will enrich and empower relationships between parents and their children. 

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Our Events

We offer an array of classes and groups for new parents, including yoga, breastfeeding education, and parent & me classes.

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Our Services

 We are a full service postpartum resource center. We offer lactation, sleep, and parenting consultations as well as postpartum caregiver placement.

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Upcoming Events

Sleep Workshop - August 2nd

We are excited to announce the return of our Sleep Workshops with Brandi Jordan, MSW, IBCLC! Come get your sleep questions answered and leave with a better understanding of healthy sleep habits for your family. 


Book Club - July 31st

Please join us for a bi-monthly Parenting Book Club, where we aim to uncover some parenting handbook hidden gems as well as tackle some standard oldie but goodie parenting go-to's. 

For life changing Tips + Tricks to a less stressed, more connected family life consciously-connect with us and join our client list!